Desert Reign Shearling Collar in Onyx

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She is both the idyllic oasis, and the blistering desert. A fire burns in her, hot as the rising sun. The day is her playmate, the night her lover. She dreams beautiful dreams on sheets of silk and pillows of feather, and drapes herself in the most beautiful clothes she can find. Confidence in the form of luxury…

The Desert Reign Shearling Collar is a statement piece to add sophistication to any outfit. Available in the rich Rust or Emerald, the collar adds height and shape to your shoulders, slimming the waist and the legs. This collar acts as a gorgeous and very warm layering piece, and is easily styled. Wear it over a leather jacket for a softer look, over a slip for some warmth, or over formalwear for something unique. This piece guarantees individuality and independence.