Enamoured with winter fashion and the luxury of the winter wardrobe, our extensive collection of fur jackets online are completely customisable and available to be shipped internationally. Every one of our collections are made up of garments made from natural and organic fibres including fur, feather, cashmere and Australian wool. So immerse yourself in complete luxury as you peruse our fur jackets online.

Our label specialises in selling fur jackets online, with every single one of our garments are designed to be cherished forever - everlasting in the wardrobe, wearable season to season, handed down from generation to generation.

Mode & Affaire believes that fashion runs far deeper than hemlines, silhouettes and colours - it exists as a connection to time and a connection to spirit.

At Mode & Affaire we are committed to ethical trade for selling our fur jackets online. Fur is one of the oldest fabrics known to man and one of nature’s most enduring products. We believe in sourcing fur responsibly. That is; understanding the origins of where the fur garment was made and ensuring the standards of manufacturing fit within the global ethical guidelines.

In order to minimise global waste, fur materials used in our garments are either a by-product or surplus fur. All those looking to purchase a fur jacket online can be rest assured the materials our jackets are made from are sourced from certified farms, whereby the farm receives certification after providing documentation and proof of continued improvement following a strict international standard for environmental management.

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