Our Commitment to


We’re committed to luxury – and part of that is providing comfort that your Mode & Affaire garments are made
sustainably, ethically and to a high quality. 

We are extremely proud to have personally travelled and met with every single one our suppliers, manufacturers and material suppliers to ensure we maintain the highest possible quality of production behind each of our creations. All of our raw material suppliers (with regards to our fur and feather materials) abide by the Global Ethical Guidelines of Manufacturing set by the International Fur Federation and it is incredibly important to our brand, ensuring there is complete transparency with the acquisition of these materials. Additionally making use of and working with these materials is an incredibly sustainable practice given the materials are by-products and used in the same manner as leather; creating stunning luxury biodegradable garments out of the by-product fur and feathers.

We are the opposite of fast fashion. Our garments are an investment. A piece that can be handed down through the generations. It weathers the fashion of the moment and can be worn year after year, complementing your personal style. It allows you to buy less and choose well. 

We also know that some people question the ethics of fur. But we’re proud to use natural fibres that are sourced ethically and designed with sustainability in mind. We only use suppliers who share our values and who can guarantee us high standards of animal welfare. Where possible, we source fur that would otherwise go to waste as a by-product
of the food industry. 

Because we know that luxury isn’t luxury without peace of mind.

Our Commitment to


Sustainable luxury is the product of beauty and pleasure entwined with awareness and social responsibility. A concept that we embrace and is encouraged by our gorgeous customers who are seeking garments that are high quality, ethically sourced, investment pieces.

Mode & Affaire is committed to the slow fashion movement, where we create collections that are designed to be long-lasting and handed down from generation to generation. We encourage women to buy less and choose well. Where quality always reigns over quantity.
Our garments are made from naturally occurring fibres that are ethically produced and environmentally sustainable. We aim to educate consumers about the positive environmental impact of wearing natural fibres at a time when environmental change is paramount. Mode & Affaire are proud to champion the eco-creditiantals of the natural fibres we work with, by designing sustainable fashion that our customers will love and wear forever.
In today’s society the trend towards disposable clothing or "fast fashion" is alarming. We encourage men and women wherever possible buy apparel made from naturally biodegradable fibres.