Reworking your fur Mode & Affaire from Mode & Affaire on Vimeo.




At Mode & Affaire, we are committed to ethical trade practices and educating consumers on the positive environmental impact of wearing naturally occurring fibres. Fur is one of the oldest fabrics known to man as well as one of nature’s most enduring products. We believe in sourcing our materials responsibly. That is; understanding the origins of where our garments are made and ensuring the standards of manufacturing fit within the global ethical guidelines. 

Sustainable luxury is the product of glamour and pleasure entwined with awareness and social responsibility. A concept that we not only embrace, but is encouraged by our gorgeous customers who seek high quality garments that are ethically sourced investment pieces.

Mode & Affaire is committed to the slow fashion movement, creating collections that are designed to be long-lasting and handed down from generation to generation. In today’s society, the trend towards disposable clothing is alarming; an ecological change is paramount. We encourage men and women wherever possible to buy less and choose well. Quality always reigns over quantity.

Mode & Affaire proudly champion the eco-credentials of the ethically produced naturally occurring fibres we work with, by designing sustainable fashion that our customers will love and wear forever.